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Temecula Recycling is dedicated to achieving an environmentally sound resource conservation program that promotes sustainable consumption patterns.

Whether you represent an industrial account or are a residential customer, Temecula Recycling fits your recycling needs.   Recycling is a great way to reduce your refuse bill, earn cash, or just do the right thing.  We're local and accept items from anywhere in California.

We are the point of contact for the community on the subject of recycling and help educate the public on what is recyclable.  Tours of our facilities are available to children's groups and students of all ages.

Temecula Recycling is housed in a 40K SFT building, a portion of which is shared by Promethean Biofuels making this area the "Green Corridor" of Riverside County.

We feel passionate about an essential service we provide to our Community.
Bring in your:
● Metals of All Types (Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Steel)
● CRV Bottles & Cans
● Electronics
● Appliances
● Machinery & Equipment
● Paper & Cardboard
● Now selling New & Used Steel!
Love Where You Live, Recycle!

We also offer:

Plastic Recycling

Aluminum Cans
Get $1.93 Per Pound For Your Aluminum Cans
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